KOVAR is a Virginia Knights of Columbus Charity established in 1971 to provide financial assistance through grants and home loans to tax exempt organizations providing training and assistance to citizens with intellectual disabilities.



Grant requests for financial assistance from qualifying 501 (c) (3) organizations are reviewed by the KOVAR Board. The maximum for a grant is $20,000.00. Click on Grants to find more information and to download the grant application and procedures.


Home Loans

KOVAR provides interest free home loans to assist in the purchase of group homes. Maximum loan amounts can not exceed 75% of appraised value with a maximum of up to $150,000 for 10 year loans and $250,000 for 15 year loans.
Click on Home Loans for the details and home loan application and procedures. KOVAR does not offer refinance loans.


Donations and
Work Place Giving

For information on how to donate to KOVAR using a credit card, check, Amazon Smile, or vehicle donation.
Click to Donate.


Council Information

Information for councils on how to help KOVAR raise funds and to participate in KOVAR activities.
Click on Councils for more information.


KOVAR Videos

KOVAR has produced informational videos. These videos explain what KOVAR does, who we help, and testimonials. Please watch the video by clicking Start.

Recent News

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KOVAR Grants Awarded in 2016
KOVAR Grants Awarded in 2016[...]
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