Let’s Call it ‘CASH for KOVAR’

Kudos to Brother Knight Tim Minnich of John C. Webb Council #12134 in Fincastle. After attending a KOVAR Regional Training Seminar in September, 2016, Tim was inspired to seek donations from the public by placing plastic containers in convenience stores, restaurants, and tobacco and vape shops throughout the Roanoke area. Here are Tim’s own words.

“So I set about researching anything I could find about containers, design of the containers, experiments done on wording, placement, seed money, etc. I called a food pantry in Illinois that had experience with this type of fundraiser and got good information from them. I ordered 24 cans and printed up the inserts, experimented with several images. When I settled on the pictures I wanted, I purchased the rights to use them from the Shutterstock. I worked out font size spacing, compressing, layout, superimposing logo and images on Word. Took a lot of reading and figuring out to do things I didn’t know how to do. Finally, I printed out the slider I wanted and rolled it on the inside of the can. I had 200 of them printed up. I got you to send me more bookmarks. Then I ordered 120 more cans, fixed them up. My daughter suggested the red yarn bow, which turned out to be a great idea.”

Cash for KOVARIn just two months, Tim’s effort has raised over $4,100 for KOVAR, and he is now looking into the next phase of the project.
What a simple idea, but what great success! What are you doing for KOVAR? Please let us know.